REPLACEMENT CHARGER. This enables your NoShark unit to be charged anywhere in the world. This is a variable voltage, universal AC to DC power supply with DC voltage selectable from 3 to 12V DC. This unit accepts an input voltage of 100V to 240V and includes adapters for US, UK, Europe and Australia.


Utilizing the variable output voltage provides manual speed control for all of our products. Speed is adjusted by varying the voltage and the normal operating range of the cooling and ventilation products is 7 to 9V for most applications or 12V for more demanding and aggressive situations. However, operating our products between 7 and 9V provides for quieter operation of the fans while at 12V, most of our products will be audible.


The advantage to this feature is that it provides the option to run the cooling products quietly when components are within close proximity of sitting areas or more aggressively when components are tucked away in cabinetry and closets. This is when components require more airflow and when noise is not as big a factor.